20 September 2020

Sam & Jason
Two Best Friends & Heros to Us All
Weeding at The Mary Stegmaier Mansion, PA

As a wedding surprise Jason arranged to recreate the couples very first photo together (with trashcans and all). Here they are in their old dorms, a few minutes walk from The Mary Stegmaier Mansion, where they exchanged their vows and rings not even an hour ago.

Their joyful and sparkling love between them is a treasure to all around them. I love the romance of weddings but their was quite special to me. I wish I could have recorded all the inspiring words their priest spoke to them. It was a marvelous traditional blessing.

"The journey from head to heart is the longest journey you will ever take." Mark Hart

And last but not least a crazy big thank you to Jose Almeida who was the lead for Sam & Jason’s wedding. I love teaming up with him, it is always a blast. Please check out his blog & website.