Radical Self-Reliance

The experience of a lifetime and although it is not encouraged to take photos at Burning Man, and instead to truly experience all the beautiful craziness that is happening around you while you are there — I am so glad I didn’t (completely) listen to the nay sayers haha.
Out of the two weeks I only took my Canon MarkII out two days with me (the dust out there is pretty harsh on gear) but what you see below is a fraction of the amazing memories that will make 2018 unforgettable.

It was a long enough haul for me to get all the way out into the Nevada desert, but my sister made it all the way from Germany. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate our sister-time. And to experience Burning Man with my favorite person in the world was the greater gift. 

A Global Quantum Kaleidoscope of Possibility