Global Health & Sociopolitical Issues:

The global pandemic, COVID-19 aka Coronavirus, and the worldwide way-overdue uproar against racism do not make it easier to celebrate a very close and intimate connection between two humans. Especially if they wish to invite everyone they love to share their unique day.

We, the memory-making-assistants, are still here to help you experience the most out of your special moments. Your love, especially while living through global crises, may be the single most important thing this life has to offer.

Weddings don’t have to be enormous — but there are lots of excellent reasons, as to why in those extra important moments we traditionally surround ourselves with our favorite humans (usually the more the merrier). And that is what Signature Bride strives to afford their lucky giveaway winners.

On May 30th, 2020Joycelyn & Stuart had their digital wedding ceremony in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. The current state-mandate still remains 25 people or less, which included, not only the family guests, but also the entire wedding team sent by Signature Bride:

Signature Bride Giveaway Team
(1)  MakeUp & Hair:  huge shout out to Anjeh Bourne, makeup and hair were on point and remained absolutely perfect the entire wedding long!
(2)  Photography
:  Jose Almeida + Nadine Tlili
(2)  Videography:  Sean + Ari of LightMaster Studios
(1)  Flowers:  Sarah of Allium Design worked incredibly hard to make the entire event work, since the audio-video person was missing, she jumped in and saved the day.
(1)  Cake
:  Petal Dust Cakery
(3)  Catering:  The Frogtown Chophouse
(2)  Violinists:  wish their names were on the call sheet, sorry.
12 Total and that’s only the team! The support crew!
(6)  Bride + Groom + Kids
(4)  Parents/
(3)  Sibling + Nephews
(surprise guests)
13 Total Family Members

I don’t think I forgot anyone, but we certainly were at capacity. Even whiles complying with the legal limit, the space was a bit of a squeeze. A lovely squeeze, but in pandemic-times, that was one key learning point I personally toot away from out beautiful adventure.
Also, whoever did that math, deserves a golden star.

Now, on to my takeaways for future events (see below):

  1. SPACE vs PEOPLE:  even though we were only 25 people, the space was so tiny that even 25 felt too much. It would have been tough to get around in “normal” circumstances — but social distancing (as hard as we tried) was pretty much impossible the way things were laid out.
  2. MASKS:  it makes complete sense that the family members, who have been quarantined together, prefer not to wear masks on their big day – especially not over makeup.
    Masks don’t necessarily protect oneself but other around you. So in an environment where some people wear masks and other don’t, it would be good to have enough room to keep a safe distance or give each (masked or un-masked) a designated space to be in.
  3. GLOVES:  they might be required in by your clients  or a venue, so in those cases there is not much you can do. However for photographers they are not always the safest solution. If you need to touch anything (e.g. the dress, rings, etc.) it is impossible to safely removed and get back into those gloves quickly. So what happens is that with our gloves we touched and moved everything we needed to photograph and for every shot we also touched our cameras. So with every shot we were holding the cameras to our faces, and then back on the items for the next photo — constantly creating a bridge between our faces and the wedding items.
    OUR SOLUTION:  (a) The next wedding my partner and I shot without gloves and instead used hand sanitizer before every new touch. Still time consuming but we protected ourselves and our clients much more efficiently.
    (b) Have a designated family member to hold and move the wedding items that need to be photographed. This was our idea for the first COVID wedding, but unfortunately our designated person couldn’t make it there on time.

This is all just me “thinking out loud”. Keep in mind I am not a health professional and I am only using my best judgment for my process. By no means am I advising anyone to follow my steps or exact process. During the current coronavirus pandemic, we all should follow the rules and regulations, as mandated in our particular corner of the world. All I’m doing is adding another layer for myself, using my best judgement if I feel extra protection is needed on top of what is mandated.

Read the article that is detailing the event. Signature Bride: